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Our Solutions

Multiple processing platforms

That help merchants reduce or eliminate their fees

Reduce My Fees

At grow simple, we utilize several different acquirer platforms to identify the right fit of the needs of your business. We advocate on your behalf to reduce and sometimes eliminate some of your fees. We utilize our 45+ years of experience in the payment industry. When it comes to payments and pricing, we fight for you. The platforms we topically utilize but not limited to TSYS, First Data and multiple ” so called high risk” platforms.

The verticals we specialize include: Retail, Restaurant, Medical Automotive and Business to Business (B2B)

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Eliminate my fees

Grow Simple is offering:

PSI’s XeroPoint. Our XeroPoint. Discount Payment methodology – How it works? As part of the standard list pricing a small customer service charge is applied to all sales. The XeroPoint. Cash Discount technology embedded into the payment terminal encourages customers to pay with cash. If payment is made with cash the terminal is not needed and the service fee is eliminated. It’s simple, easy and fully transparent. Get Started Now!

  • Available for all credit card types
  • Leading mobile payment technology
  • Compliant Automatic Credit Card Discount Program
  • EMV chip card terminal INCLUDED!
  • No Setup Fee – No Rental Fees – No Hidden Costs
  • No Pin Pad Required
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Point of Sale (POS)

We specialize in finding the right Point of Sale for your business, helping advocate and simplify your growth. We’ve worked with many different types of systems and these are our merchant’s favorites.

Clover / Clover Mini / Clover Go- Restaurant/Retail

Running a business, your plate is full. All the time. Clover Station is designed to help in so many ways. Speeding up transactions. Simplifying daily tasks. Securely accepting the latest payments. Making your plate a lot lighter. With access to the app store, there’s dozens of options to customize your system to the needs of your business

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Mynt POS- Restaurant/Retail

This system comes with feature rich software, menu creation and SKU loading, dedicated training and support, with a lifetime warranty and an option for a FREE system.

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Focus POS- Large Restaurant, Fine Dining

With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Focus POS provides reliable restaurant management software to well-known hospitality establishments worldwide. Our restaurant POS technologies work to meet unique business needs and realize return-on-investment. Focus POS software allows restaurants to be both competitive and cutting edge by maximizing operational efficiency and minimizing operating costs.

Our robust restaurant POS software can be customized to meet the needs of any establishment in the hospitality industry, and we offer a variety of software choices and features that make it easier than ever to run a business. Whether you are utilizing traditional or mobile point of sale terminals, you can leverage Focus POS software to track inventory, run reports, analyze information, manage employee schedules, and deploy customer loyalty and gift card programs.

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This is the most simplified, reliable way to accept payments. When starting a new business this can be the most cost effective way to accept payments.

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Accept payments on the go, wherever a smartphone works.

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Back office optimization

That helps merchants streamline their accounting, payroll and back office functions

Grow simple complete payment management powered by red carpet

Handling how you manage payments, processor data and bank deposits is very important. Red Carpet Software is a new innovative and easy to use method of reporting payments data. It’s fast, seamless and secure. Manage chargebacks, downgrades, cost analysis and sales trending all in one place. No more portals and no more spreadsheets.

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FINSYNC: Improve Cash Flow and Grow Your Business Better Than Ever Before

Finally, small and mid-size businesses can gain more control of cash flow with game-changing cash inflow and outflow features paired with advanced analytics, payroll and accounting – all in a single platform.

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Small Business Lending

That helps merchant cost effectively acquire funds to meet cash flow needs or business expansion opportunities
Grow simple powered by Rapid Advance:

Small Business Loans

Our flexible Small Business Loan Program is perfect for businesses seeking more than just a traditional loan. We differ from traditional small business loans in that we do not require lengthy applications, documentation, or deny your application based on stringent FICO scores. With our Small Business Loan Program, you can expect approval in just a few hours, and funds deposited into your account in as fast as one day.

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Merchant Cash Advance

Grow simple powered by RapidAdvance Merchant Cash Advance Program is an innovative financing solution that provides you with the working capital you need in exchange for a percentage of your future Visa, MasterCard, Discover and AMEX Credit Card sales. Reap the benefits of our flexible and affordable repayments, as they are determined by your daily cash flow and are automatically applied to your remaining balance.

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Line of Credit

At grow simple powered by RapidAdvance, we understand the need for business owners to have access to different amounts of funds, at different times and for different purposes. Our Line of Credit program allows you to do just that and more. Get approved for larger amounts of capital, but only incur cost on funds you draw.

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People Development/ Organizational Development

Plans that help merchants develop their most valuable asset, themselves and their people

Boutique Partnership

Customized partnership programs for Software vendors, Financial institutions, and associations putting the partner first to help them grow their business.

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Grow Simple LLC is a registered ISO/MSP for Woodforest National Bank, The Woodlands, Texas.