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As a merchant advocate in a complex world of financial technology, grow simple helps businesses thrive and simplify your business processes to accelerate growth. Grow simple Solutions include; multiple payment processing platforms, point of sale solutions, data analytics, accounting, payroll and most importantly, your people. We offer a free consultation to ensure that the right solution is provided to help your business grow.

Our Team


Jonathan Durbin

As a merchant advocate, people leader and Vice President of regional sales, Jon has helped businesses grow for over 15 years. With a certification in international payments and years working with small business owners, Jon brings the knowledge and personal touch to truly simplify your path to growth and stronger profitability. Jon lives in Covington, LA with his wife Jamie and his 2 daughters.

President of Sales and Digital Marketing

Eric Johnson

Once touted as the number 1 relationship manager for the largest payment processor in America, Eric is a key part of Grow Simple. Working with some of the largest community banks in the south, as well as businesses across various industries, Eric understands the Partner first model and has developed an incredible ability to understand your business and create a tailor made solution to fit your needs.

Grow Simple LLC is a registered ISO/MSP for Woodforest National Bank, The Woodlands, Texas.